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Monday, May 3, 2010

Sura - Movie Review
StarringVijay, Tamannaah, Dev Gill, Vadivelu, Sriman, Riyaz Khan, Ilavarasu, Karate Raja, Radha Ravi
StoryS.P Rajakumar
DialoguesS.P Rajakumar
ScreenplayS.P Rajakumar
DirectionS.P Rajakumar
MusicMani Sharma
StuntsKanal Kannan
Produced BySangili Murugan
Presented BySun Pictures
CBFC Censor RatingU
Best to Watch withFriends and family
Release Date30.04.10
 Movie Rating3.6/5
Review byVFC(sarjune)


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ilayathalapathy Vijay appears on the silver screen as Sura after his commercially successful Vettaikaran. He romances with Tamaanaah and does comedy along with Vadivelu. Dev Gill, the talented actor from Maghadeera, is the antagonist. Mani Sharma composes the music and stunts are by Kanal Kannan. Sura is written and directed by S.P. Rajakumar.


Vijay plays Sura, a fisherman who guides a yall nagar. He is daring, intelligent and cares for all the people. His thoughts are not self centric but for the benefit of the people in the yall nagar. He dreams big for the people and works to achieve it.Tamannaah plays Poornima,Dev Gill plays Saundra Raja, the baddie. He is a politician who is mainly into smuggling business.,Vadivelu plays Umbrella, the comedian. Vadivelu and Vijay together have given a lot of rib tickling comedy that many have enjoyed and add Sura to that list.

What’s It About?

Some fishermen in Yazh Nagar who went fishing in the deep sea have failed to return to shore and all fear the worst has happened. The District Collector orders a search mission and after a while, they bring back everyone except one man, Sura. The collector tries to convince the people that another search cannot be organized for just one man. The people, with tears in their eyes, say Sura equals more than 1000 men(!) and it is imperative to find him. The Collector understands the love and affection of the people shown towards this man. By the time he decides to order another mission, Sura (Vijay) leaps out of the sea (like Rob Schneider in The Animal!). This one scene gives the audience a hint on what will follow – yet another commercial mass masala action entertainer targeting the so-called B & C audience  The audiences are ready for a change, but they seldom get to see it or their cinematic tastes are taken for granted!

A fisherman, Sura lives with his mother in a rural area near the seashore. He is loved by all the people; he is the do-gooder and leads them in all activities. He also gets to save Poornima (Tamannaah) when she tries to commit suicide. The reason for her suicide? Her dog went missing! Poornima, like the regular ‘just-for-dance-and-oomph-factor-lead-lady’ in action entertainers such as these, falls in love with Sura while seeing him help the needy. She proposes, but the hero declines since he has decided (it is his ambition) to build pucca homes for the people in his neighborhood before he marries.

Everyone in the audience seems to know that building homes would be possible only towards the end of the movie after the hero has smashed the villain and his henchmen. So, the director makes Tamanaah play another suicide drama. Vijay saves her and they both start singing duets in foreign locales even before the intermission. Umbrella (Vadivelu) provides the required comedy as Sura’s sidekick.

Sura tries to make a Sethupathi IPS out of a corrupt police officer (Riyaz Khan) when he finds him with a prostitute in a greedy money lender's office. How? By quoting principles and ways of right living by leaders. But it does not seem to work, since Riyaz Khan comes back post-interval to take his revenge and punch the hero (possibly for having been forced to listen to the hero's punch dialogues!).

After his lecture session with Riyaz Khan, Sura (meaning shark in Tamil) meets leading smuggler-politician Samudhra Rajan (Dev Gill), whose plans are to chase the locals away from their fishing hamlet and build an amusement park on that land. He burns down the houses (remember a similar scene in Parthiban's Ullaey Veliye almost a decade back?). His men hit Sura and leave him in the fire, but he predictably proves them wrong  when he emerges undead like a phoenix and strides towards the camera.

Sura gets to know that this burning is the dastardly work of the dirty politician. Samudhra Rajan and Sura yell at each other (in DTS!); Sura challenges the villain that he will build homes for his people in the same area where his father was born and he was born. In short, it is his ancestral native land

The remaining plot is about how Sura loots the smuggled laptops of Samudhra Rajan, sells them illegally and builds home for his people.

The Performances
ALL U KNOW vijay is a good dancer and fighter other than vijay act well in some more scenes(director s please use vijay in good story line) Tamannaah is a skilled actress. in Sura, which is a hero-dominated script, she has less screen time. She steals the hearts of youngsters with her cuteness in her few sequences and in the songs.The reactions given by Vadivelu were awesome and can bet that no one in the industry can do it better than him.

Mani Sharma’s songs, especially ‘Tanjavoor Jillakari’, ‘Sirakadikkum Nilavu’ and ‘Naan Nadanthal Adhiradi’ are the pick of the lot and sure chartbusters.Vijay’s dance moves for ‘Naan Nadanthal Adhiradi’ and ‘Tanjavoor Jillakari’ are impressive and awesome
N Ekambaram, camera plays a main role in  the movie especially in the action and dance sequences have been fabulous.
Don Max IS THE EDITOR of the movie he also done his job neatly,
and S P Rajakumar who has made a name for himself doing comedy films and that too with Vadivelu in the team. The trio has ensured that it is a light-hearted fare, right from the word go with enough thrills and spills,Kanal Kannan’s stunts are OK..

Final Verdict:
Many reviews for Ilayathalapathy Vijay’s movies end with a verdict note mentioning it is strictly for Vijay fans! It’s been a while since there was a movie from him for audience other than his fans. It is being said that his fans expect such action entertainers or so-called formula movies, mostly based on M.G. Ramachandran and Rajinikanth movie story lines. After Sura, even his diehard fans might feel they would prefer something like Kushi or Priyamanavale  from their Ilayathalapathy in future.Nothing much can be done in a commercial story but may be its high time that Vijay tries something new. He has promised that from the next it will be different and hoping the best. Probably they will pray the director’s actor in Vijay will be revealed in his next films. If he becomes a director’s actor once again, he is sure to become the No. 1 hero when it comes to box office collections.The attention he gives in selection of his songs must also be given to the scripts he chooses for his films.

One line:
sura is  good entertainer and summer holiday entertainer

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